This is who we are


Røkt was manifested through a dream about a life of wellbeing, community and freedom

A slow, but ever evolving project


We are located in Svankevigå, close to the urban swimming pond in Stavanger. It is possible to swim in the sea, or rinse yourself with freshwater from the hose behind the sauna. Unfortunatley, someone lit a candle and placed it right under our textile-covered ceiling, so it caught fire.

Due to the fact that we are a low-non profit business, things take time and we haven’t been able to fix it yet. If you are a handy and creative person who wants to make Røkt look cozy and Beautiful again + want free sauna for the rest of your life, contact us!

Our sauna got soul


..and that is what makes it special. We are often told that going to Røkt is like going to the cabin.
It was created with hard work and pure luck through good intention. We didn’t have any funds to start building the sauna or start a business, nor any experience. Everything we needed just started appearing, and we slowly built it up from what we found and was gifted. We are a low profit small business, driven by the dream of a better world where humans live healthy lives in harmony with nature and each other. Our mission is to create a space where all kinds of people can come to relax, get inspired and ofcourse- get sweaty!

“The best way to


predict the future


is to create it”


— Peter Drucker